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Gentlemen By Nature English Setters

registered by FCI and the Swedish KC since 2000


Welcome to my new home page!

Sadly the old page can no longer be updated due to programs getting too old and out of date in comparison with computers softwares. I have therefore been forced to find a new solution as to keep you all up to date with any news, and the solution is a new page. This page will how ever only work as a news blogg as I don't have the time it takes to re-build the old one.

The old home page will still excist and you will find it by clicking the banner below.

On it you will find info about me , my dogs and the breed as well as links and other features.

To contact me please use info@gentlemenbynature.com

You will also find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Gentlemen.By.Nature.English.Setters/

2018 news


21 November


Since there sadly didn't arrive any puppies in spring (TNT/Fedex failed to deliver the semen!!) this year has been very uneventful. Dogs are all well albight the oldies are getting old... Now I do however have news, there are small(ish) paws running around the house, two puppies out of Ellie's sister Ella has joined us! Only one of them will stay with us, the other one will move to friends as soon as I have decided which one to keep. So watch this space and join my groups on Facebook as they are updated more frequently. More photos will soon appear here but a few are already on FB.