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Gentlemen By Nature English Setters

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Photos taken on 2014 06 27

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Welcome to my new home page!

Sadly the old page can no longer be updated due to programs getting too old and out of date in comparison with computers softwares. I have therefore been forced to find a new solution as to keep you all up to date with any news, and the solution is a new page. This page will how ever only work as a news blogg as I don't have the time it takes to re-build the old one.

The old home page will still excist and you will find it by clicking the banner below.

On it you will find info about me , my dogs and the breed as well as links and other features.

To contact me please use info@gentlemenbynature.com

You will also find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Gentlemen.By.Nature.English.Setters/

2015 years news


2015 01 01

Today was a sad day, my beloved Warren left me.

His body would no longer carry him and the time came to say good bye. An awful decision to make, heartbraking every single time!

Warren to the left and his sister Blackie to the right.

2014 years news

2014 11 29


Pennie, has found her for ever pet home.


2014 06 23

The lates puppy photos from beginning June until today when the puppies are five and a half weeks old.

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2014 06 23

The adult bunch...



2014 06 05


The first puppy photos are here, and today the babies are 3 weeks old!

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2014 06 04


Happy Birthday my darlings Julius & Sweetie!

Here are some photos of them all to celebrate todays Birthday babies. Just click a pic to view them all enlarged.




2014 05 15


<3 They have arived! <3




2014 05 05


Exciting news!!




2014 04 09


Last week Ílex would have turned 24... My heart still aches badly!!


I might soon have some happier news to tell you all, so keep your eyes on this page...




2014 02 01


Today I lost my much beloved horse, Ílex. He would have turned 24 on April 4th. I'm quite devastated as I've lived with my friend for half my life, from before he was born. Life is incredible empty without him!





2014 01 22


I am so happy and proud to have achieved a place on the ESA judges breed specialist C list!







2014 01 19


I had one of my 4legged grandkids visiting, digging up and chewing of my fiber cable... meanwhile without internet I had time to work on photos, so here are a few for you , enjoy! Just click one and the album with original sized photos opens and you can then browse.





January 2014


Received a greeting from Molly who is nowadays enjoying life in the UK.




2013 12 30


tI have to brag about Mac, the brother of my Hummie, who usually comes with his 'dad' on moose hunts. Last week someone thought they had accidentally wounded a moose and Mac was asked to do a search for the presumed hurt moose. He traced it for nearly 1 km when they finally had eye contact and could see it wasn't hurt at all (luckily!). This means Mac, a so called pointing gundog, traced and found a moose without having a single drop of blood to follow... Must ad that Mac has the gentlest personality ever and is such a cuddly lap-dog! I'm a very proud 'grandma' <3




2013 12 16


On December 16 2013 I had to say good bye to my beloved Myra, Mariglen Golden Girl, due to high age and a body no longer strong enough to keep her happy. Some dogs touch your heart a little extra, and Myra was one of them . I will miss her for as long as I live!